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Supporting Youth Soccer in Togo

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In the spirit of the love for the sport and giving back, we have partnered with soccer  coach Cynthia Morkert-Ballesteros to support annual equipment drives to benefit the youth and communities served by ICPSD in Togo. We understand the role that soccer plays in international, national, and local relations, which is why we feel passionate about this project. 

Soccer - or football as we call it in Togo - is the most popular sport in Togo. Football in Togo is lived with a special passion and striker Emmanuel Adebayor is a football superstar in Togo. The Togolese Football Federation was founded in 1960, the same year as the countries independence from France. Football is a source of national pride and the national team is viewed with admiration due to their perseverance through many challenges from terrorist attacks to bus wrecks and more.

The approach of this partnership is to not just send over soccer supplies. Rather to also support local infrastructure for sustained access to youth soccer participation in Notsé and surrounding villages.

The top barriers that get in the way of youth participating in soccer in Togo are:

  • Fees for school (and the time acquiring those fees takes from other activities - such as soccer)

  • Access to feminine hygiene products

  • Consistent coaching/soccer programs

  • Access to soccer gear and equipment

Sponsor a Student

Remove the barriers that prevent youth from participating in soccer. $50 will sponsor a student for one year of soccer participation. It will cover their school fees, provide S H E feminine hygiene kits to those who need them, cover cost for their participation in local boys and girls soccer programs, and contribute to coaching/program fees so they can have consistent coaching/practice.

Other Support

Fall Season Soccer Support

Fall soccer season support efforts are focused on equipment donations and student sponsorships (so the barriers for participation can be removed). New or used, items such as shoes, jerseys, goalie gloves, nets, and balls. Cash donations are also gratefully accepted to cover the cost of shipping over equipment.

Spring Season Soccer Support

Spring soccer season efforts are focused on monetary donations in support of infrastructure. This includes access to and maintenance of fields, support for coaching to allow local teams to practice regularly and participate in tournaments, and the hiring of coaches for the ICPSD youth group to start two teams of their own, one each for girls and boys.

Cynthia Morkert-Ballesteros has visited Togo twice - 2014 & 2016 - for extended periods of time. The 2014 world cup was happening during her 2014 visit and she loves the atmosphere and excitement in Togo surrounding that. With a life-long love of soccer and a player herself, Cynthia was drawn to the soccer culture in Togo. Before her 2016 visit, she stuffed her a bag full of soccer equipment to share.

Now, as an inner city soccer coach in Dallas, Cynthia is passionate about connecting her athletes and soccer community with those over in Togo. She has put her connections and resources to use, creating an annual soccer equipment drive with local organizations that include Dallas area YMCA's, Elite League & Sports, and John F. Peeler Elementary. She hopes this will be a philanthropic opportunity enjoyed by the youth and families coached and serve in Metropolitan Dallas to support the love of soccer overseas in Togo.

ICPSD is excited and honored to be a partner in this wonderful opportunity.


Texas Equipment Donation Sites

Address: Family Moorland YMCA, 6701 S Hampton Rd, Dallas, TX 75232


Richardson YMCA, 821 Custer Rd, Richardson, TX 75080


Tel: 208-440-3390

Idaho Equipment Donation Sites

Address: 1303 Edinborough Court, Moscow, ID 83843


Tel: 208-310-3508

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