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Ecosystem Restoration Program

Purpose: We believe communities thrive in healthy ecosystems.


Mission: Support the reclamation, restoration and preservation of ecosystems in Africa through the utilization of native species.


Togo is one of the top five countries in the world for fastest rate of deforestation. As a result, less than five percent of the land in Togo remains forested.


The Ecosystem Restoration Program (ERP) directly supports the reclamation, restoration and preservation of ecosystems in Togo through the utilization of native plant species and community-led development. At the heart of ERP is a native plant nursery. The nursery is the primary platform from which ERP supports the reclamation and revitalization of native plant species within the framework of sustainable systems. It is a center for learning and research, a place where local and regional members of the Togolese community attend hands on workshops to learn about and explore sustainable practices for reforestation and afforestation efforts. It is also central to fostering citizen science and community-based understanding of climate change mitigation and adaptation measures. It provides information and vital mitigation measures that are location specific and community managed. The nursery out planting site is a multi-fold operation. Not only is it a place to increase forested land in Togo, but it is also the primary site for long-term native tree research and agroforestry experimentation. It is an important outdoor environment for citizen science in local and regional communities. All information gathered at the nursery and out planting site is made available for easy replication and adaptability in other regions and communities.

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