Ecosystem Restoration Program

Purpose: We believe communities thrive in healthy ecosystems.


Mission: Support the reclamation, restoration and preservation of ecosystems in Africa through the utilization of native species.


At the heart of the Ecosystem Restoration Program (ERP) mission is a native plant nursery. This nursery is the primary platform from which ERP supports traditional agroforesty systems, reforestation and afforestation efforts, and to foster citizen science and understanding of climate change mitigation and adaptation measures.


Togo is one of the top five countries in the world for rate of deforestation and as a result has less than five percent of the land remaining forested. The ERP model focuses first on collecting local information through surveys, focus groups, in-person interviews, local partnerships and document analysis in order to to understand the political, social, economic, and technical dimensions of ecological restoration. Second, partnerships are built and supported between local, regional and international groups. Third, knowledge sharing is done through training and education workshops, high school science programs, volunteerism and more - efforts which are led by local and regional community members.