The Forest

The Forest is a group of monthly givers committed to fighting climate change and building community by improving the health and quality of the environment.

The importance of young people in the future of communities and ecosystems cannot be understated. Supporting youth education about deforestation and climate establishes a foundation for the long-term health and future of forests. 

It’s about supporting people in their own development

Monthly contributions as a member of The Forest not only plant trees, but support people growing and thriving together a part of the greater ecosystem. As a member of The Forest you will:

Actively Fight Climate Change & Deforestation

Togo has one of the highest rates of deforestation in the world. For a country down to only 6.8% of its total area remaining forested, this is a dire situation. The loss of forest means the loss of wildlife and biodiversity, the acceleration of climate change with the loss of carbon storage, and a reduction in water and food security. We believe replanting forests are essential to the health and wellbeing of all people.

Empower and Entrust People in Their Own Sustainable Development

In Togo, women play a significant role in forestry and natural resources management. Supporting their efforts to mitigate climate change and better understand the negative impacts of deforestation means supporting the capacity of the entire nation. Women are central to the social structure of communities in Togo, and facilitate the education of all members of their communities. A healthy ecosystem also means looking to the future. Youth education regarding deforestation and climate change plays a critical role in sustaining the long-term health and future of forests. 

Support the Future

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(Search ICPSD Ecosystem Restoration Program to donate trees to our project.)

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