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Meet the Team

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

We have seen some change and additions to our staff in Notsé over the past year, which is a perfect opportunity to get to know our team on the ground. These are the people who make all things ICPSD happen.

Yves Agbogoa

ICPSD Financial Administrator

Yves was born in Lomé, Togo. He spent his childhood with his mother, who as the third wife in a polygamist marriage, did not have the chance to live directly with Yves's father. He received a Christian-Catholic education and went on to take banking courses. Yves first job was working for a mobile phone company where he was responsible for relations with banks and micro-finance.

Yves enjoys traveling, soccer, reading (the writings of Kenneth E. Hagin have been helpful to him in his life) and meditating on the word of God. He says that one thing people are surprised to learn about him is that he prays a lot. Three words Yves says describe him are: sincerity, availability, and sociability.

Yves brings lots of expertise and competence in finance and personnel management to his position at ICPSD. He looks forward to implementing and overseeing a more structured inventory system, improved accounting system and making sure ICPSD stays in good standing with Togo's public authorities.

Dieudonné (Donné) Arfa

Togo Office Administrator & Youth Program Coordinator

Our new Togo Office Administrator & Youth Program Coordinator may look familiar. That is because Donné has been with us for several years now as our diligent intern. We are very excited for him to continue the efforts of growing ICPSD and mentoring youth activities.

Donné grew up in Notsé. After finishing high school he trained and worked in computer and electronics maintenance before working in marketing for a small Togolese company called Togo Menthol. His main hobbies are music, reading, swimming and sports, but he is also passionate about travel and discovery. Work, silence and philanthropy are three words Donné says best describe him. In his new role, he is most excited about planning and supervising youth activities. "This year I would like to take our Youth Community Development Program to another level and make it a unique empowerment program in our community and beyond." - Dieudonné Arfa

Minadiba Kombate

English Instructor

Minadiba was born in a small village named Kadjitiéri where he lived through primary school. He then lived several locations before getting his BA in English, teaching in private schools and then completing a Masters. The greatest influences in his life have been his pastor, the Bible and his former English Club leader - Miss Heidi (an American missionary).

Minadiba enjoys teaching young people, traveling, reading and learning from other people. He says three words that describe him are: honesty, faithfulness, and enthusiasm. Minadiba says the vision of ICPSD aligns with his own vision to teach and lead young people to discover their hidden talents and learn about other people's cultures. This year he hopes to build a team of youth to perform some of what they are learning on local radio channels.

"My life target is to impact the young generation for the better in the moral, social and intellectual domain." - Minadiba Kombate

Kossi Bruno Yao

Mathematics Instructor

Kossi was born in Côte d'Ivoire. While attending the University of Lomé he started working as a volunteer for Lycée de Notsé (LYNO) which he continued to do until joining us here at ICPSD.

Kossi is very interested in computers, loves dancing, music and basketball. He says he is not yet the person he wants to be, but is deeply grateful to the many people who have contributed to who he is today. Especially his primary school teacher, his university teachers, and many more. Kossi was especially inspired by his college philosophy courses. He is not a fan of the culture of selfishness and became interested in ICPSD because he has been given so much and wants to give to others in return. This year he would love to see the youth gain solid computer skills.

"What excites me about my work at ICPSD is the preparation of all the thing I do to enable young people to acquire new knowledge they did not know before." - Kossi Bruno Yao

Édouard Nyakokpa

Nursery Coordinator

We would be remiss if we did not highlight our enthusiastic nursery coordinator Édouard who has been with us since the start of the Ecosystem Restoration Program. He is our consultant for sustainable reforestation efforts and has been leading the nursery production at ICPSD since it began. Édouard spends a majority of his time as an advisor for sustainable management of natural resources at our partner organization Enterprises Territoires et Développement (ETD). We are very grateful to have him as part of our team. His passion and enthusiasm for native plant species and reforestation is infectious. We are would not be where we are today without his efforts, knowledge, and expertise.

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