The Institute of Community Partnerships and Sustainable Development (ICPSD), Oregon State University (OSU), University of Idaho (UI), and Entreprises Territoires et Développement (ETD) initiated an integrative ecological restoration program in Notsé, Togo in July 2016.


The goal of an Integrative Ecological Restoration Program (IERP) is to improve and sustain the ability of the Togolese communities to restore and manage the deforested and degraded forest lands. The project had four components, the establishment of the native plant nursery, capacity building, science education, exploratory research, and building partnerships.


The majority of PAP activities were undertaken by the UI College of Natural Resources team that comprised of six graduate students, two UI nursery workers, and one extension professor under the overall supervision and expertise of the native plant nursery professor from OSU under the facilitation of ICPSD.​

Phase 1: Pilot Project

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