ICPSD aims to achieve efficacy and resiliency in communities in Africa through the convergence of local knowledge and culture with science and technology, by:


  • Facilitating effective and equitable partnerships between communities, universities, institutions, non-governmental organizations, businesses, and governments.


  • Engaging in participatory action research to generate pragmatic solutions for mitigating poverty.


  • Undertaking collaborative teaching and learning to build relevant capacity amongst all stakeholders.


  • Disseminating knowledge generated from all the collaborative activities in order to make it available to the public.


  • Creating outreach programs that will build workable and sustainable networks across communities in sub-Saharan Africa to stimulate the exchange of ideas and knowledge.





We believe it is important to put local populations at the center of their own development.


We believe that the key ingredients of effective development include:

1) Partnerships

2) Accessible knowledge

3) Convergence of local and exogenous knowledge

4) Resiliency



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