ICPSD proposes to implement a participatory, holistic, and interdisciplinary project to reverse the deforestation and land degradation in Notsé. The objectives of Phase II are to:

  1. Increase the technical understanding of the natural resource management and assessment by at least 50% through conducting a series training and workshop;​​

  2. Enhance the natural resource database and data acquisition methodologies by increasing accessibility by 80% and a diversity of information by 85% through undertaking scientific research, disseminating results, and managing data;​

  3. Improve the ecological integrity of the natural landscape by restoring 25% of the land through establishing a permanent nursery, and undertaking reforestation, afforestation, and agroforestry programs; ​

  4. Increase the number and quality of natural resources scientists and the future managers by 50% through offering science education and engaging youth in monitoring research;​

  5. Increase civic engagement and global citizenship in community resilience and ecological restoration through promoting volunteerism and partnerships at various levels.


Universities’ graduate students will be key players in providing training, leading research, and performing other project tasks, and ICPSD will facilitate.


This is a five-year-program, and the impact will be measured using four indicators: participation in forest and natural resources related activities; knowledge and understanding of natural resources management; the size of land restored, and career in natural resources and environmental science fields.


Impact analysis studies and monitoring and evaluation will be used to collect data and measure the impact of the program.

Phase 2: 

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