Project Update: 2018 

Key Achievements to Date

The project has fostered community building by bringing together academics, community members, local and national forest resource managers, local community leaders, and CBO and NGO leaders. 


  • Established the first of its kind, a native tree training nursery in Notsé, Togo; 

  • Conducted training workshops for 75 local women entrepreneurs are member of a co-op; 

  • Trained 33 local practitioners from seven NGOs, three state natural resources and environmental agencies, and representatives from nine counties in the Haho Prefecture in Nursery Science and reforestation; 

  • Conducted STEM workshops for over 40 enthusiastic high school and junior high students, ages ranging from 14 to 21 years; 

  • Engaged with local and national authorities on reforestation; 

  • Fostered partnership with the faculty of Université de Lomé (UL); 

  • Established an experimental forest with the native trees from the nursery; 

  • Dug a well at the nursery. 

2018 Project Highlights

February 2018

  • Search for seed in Kpalimé area.

  • Started second nursery crop and tested new practices based on experience from first crop.

  • Started drilling for a well at the nursery site.

  • Field work with Lolonu Association.

  • Presented to the US Embassy in Togo on the nursery project. 


Summer 2018

  • Harvested second nursery crop (~8000 seedlings).

  • Outplanting of the second crop. The totality of the crop went to reforestation/land conservation project in three prefectures in Togo.

  • Field work with Lolonu Association.

  • Successful completion of a well at the nursery.

  • Visit from undergraduate students from the University of Idaho.

  • Field visit for a group of high school students from Moscow, Idaho.

  • Fieldwork with a graduate student from the University of Edinburg, Scotland.

  • Nursery Improvement work by a graduate student of Oregon State University.      


Fall 2018

  • Improvement to/extension of the structure of the nursery.

  • Seed for the next crop.

  • Finalized the MOU with Université de Lomé.

  • Partnership discussions with the local stakeholders in Notse area.

  • Measured seedlings in restoration experiment by U of I undergraduate for thesis project.

  • Identified future structural needs for continued success of the nursery.

  • Outreach workshops on restoration with local community and K-12 students.

Future Goals

To increase human capital in nursery science, restoration, management, and entrepreneurship; and support community building to tackle the challenges of climate change.  


  • Five workshops in nursery science and restoration for regional resource managers in Togo; 

  • A workshop in entrepreneurship and forest nursery/forest management for private nursery business owners; and agroforestry; 

  • Build local partnerships among multiple public and private organizations; 

  • Grow and plant a diversity of native tree species native to the area; 

  • Engage local staff in native tree growth and planting, long-term tree care and project-monitoring activities; 

  • Promote project visibility through educational outreach, tours and other events. 

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